• Fifteen years ago, I was injured in a motorcycle accident where several of my bones in my leg were broken resulting in me being in a cast for about a year and a half. As a result, I developed back pain. I thought I would just have to live with it until I tried chiropractic. With routine chiropractic adjustments, I can now do things in life that I love without pain, especially golf thanks to the doctors at CCBR.

    Stanley E.
  • During my pregnancy, I started having low back pain. It started out pretty mild, but by my third trimester I was having trouble walking, sleeping and getting up. Before I use to take over-the-counter pain relievers, but didnft want to do so while I was pregnant. My sister is a patient at CCBR and convinced me to try chiropractic. WOW! I was shocked at how much it helped and how much better I could function comfortably. Now, I recommend chiropractic care to all my pregnant friends and family.

    Regina S.
  • As a Software Engineer, I had pain in both hands and wrists from on-going computer use and sometimes it was so severe that I even had tingling and numbness in my arms and hands. I sought other care for this, but it never gave me the relief. One of my co-workers recommended trying chiropractic care and I was surprised how well it worked, especially because I was skeptical about trying chiropractic. I think my husband might even be more grateful to Drs. Singh and Chimenti than I am since he doesn’t hear me complaining anymore!

    L. M.
  • Compared to all other Chiropractors I have been to, their treatments are very different and effective. First, there is quality time spent with the doctor. Treatments can include adjustments, some light muscle work, heat/ice, and electric stimulation. Also, I was always asked if there are any special needs the day of each treatment and the doctor treated accordingly. For example, I injured my ribs while waterskiing and the doctor positioned me so the treatments would not aggravate my injury. I also received treatments to release the muscles in my calves after jogging caused them to severely tighten up. All in all, it has been an worthwhile experience and I wholeheartedly recommend CCBR to those in need.

    Steve E